Art meets DeFi

Immerse yourself in the world of ArtFi, a groundbreaking fusion of art business and decentralized finance, brought to you by Rare

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Art + DeFi

Introducing ArtFi

Experience a new era of art with ArtFi, where exclusive access, innovative rewards, and a visionary approach combine to reshape the art market.

Backed by
a real business

We're art dealers. We want to change how things work. We're tokenizing our business.

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Simple tokenomics

100M $R4RE

Liquidity Pools

Real World Asset
Rev-Share System

Collective AI art
turned physical

Collector items
and private events


We're not just art dealers; we're revolutionaries set to shake the very foundations of how art and business intertwine.

By tokenizing our company, we're crafting a world where creativity meets crypto.

Welcome to ArtFi.

Dive into the Rare Token Universe and discover how we aim to reshape the art scene.